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Spain, Turkey, India, Cameroon, United States, Qatar, Algeria, Austria, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Togo, Uganda, Iraq, Portugal, United Arab Emirates.

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About company
CallCulator is a swiftly evolving telecommunication company concerned with in the provision and management (arrangement and command) of International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) for value added services (VAS). The company gives you a unique opportunity to become a receiver of our personally created solutions in order to expand and better your business.

By joining the increasing number of satisfied CallCulator’s International Premium Rate solutions (IPRN) providers you become open the opportunity to an impressive growth in profit instantly!

Why We Are Better

Callculator distinguishes from other competitors by offering many extra quality points, which help our clients concentrate only actual work without any distractions.

Since 2013 Premium Rate Services has instantly become a milestone in the growth of CallCulator. Our company owns the right to collect (accumulate) traffic to Premium Rate Numbers in many countries. CallCulator is constantly expanding the ranges of numbers to its extensively increasing portfolio.

As international companies allocate (assign) numbers to CallCulator, we:
  • Promote (advertise) the destination to international (global) carriers;
  • Collect (gather) fee from global carriers and pay out the discussed commission for traffic according to the volume of used minutes.
Premium Rate Service (PRS) numbers are telephone numbers used for the provision (supply) of Value Added Services (VAS). The cost of a call to PRS numbers is usually higher than calls to traditional numbers.
What do We do

Payment Methods

Callculator offers various payment options ranging from bank wire or even to Bitcoin. Payment terms are either monthly (30/45) or weekly (7/7).

Payments can be paid via bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin.

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